Mazgaonkar Yalom Judah


Design of PSC Post-Tensioned Girder Bridge

The project aims to analyze, design and detail a bridge consisting of prestressed post tensioned concrete girders in the superstructure and circular pier and pile foundation in substructure. After finalization of General Arrangement drawings, STAAD software has been used for Grillage analysis and its results are further used in design of various elements of superstructure as well as substructure (carried out in Excel). Detailed drawings for final outcome of the design are prepared for both superstructure and substructure. The design follows the relevant provisions in IRC (Indian Roads Congress) code which is used for construction of majority of Indian bridges.

Report Content

Problem Statement

Grillage Analogy

PSC Post Tensioned Girder Design

Cable Calculation

Summary of Losses

Superstructure Detailing

Pier Cap and Pier - Loads and Design

Pier Cap and Pier- Detailing

Pile and Pile Cap - Loads and Design

Pile and Pile Cap - Detailing