Nagarsheth Dhruv Jigneshkumar


Design Studio - 4 - Design of Bridges

In this studio, Project assigned was PSC Pre-Tensioned Girder bridge which was having 25m span. Bridge type is Flyover with pile foundation beneath located in Ahmedabad. All components of bridge - superstructure, pier cap, Pier, Pile Cap & Pile was analyzed, Designed and detailed according to the relevant IRC codes and standards. Bridge superstructure was analyzed using grillage method making 2D model in STAAD Pro. software. Pile foundation was analyzed using the rivet theory. Bridge designed for Gravity, Live (Vehicular/Moving Loads) , Wind and Earthquake loads.

Report Content


General Arrangement Drawing

Grillage Analysis

Load Consideration

Super Structure Design Process

Super Structure Detailing

Sub Structure Design Process

Sub Structure Detailing

Foundation Design Process

Foundation Detailing