Patel Malharkumar Rajendrabhai


GIS For Governance - Smart Transportation

The theme of the studio is GIS for governance under the framework of smart cities. This project helps in decision making using Geo-spatial techniques, python-based tools, android based platform and analysis for operation of smart transport system, to provide safe, affordable, accessible, sustainable and integrated transport system for the city. The preliminary study gives an insight into existing scenario of Gandhinagar’s transport system. This project helps government to developed integrated transport system for different demanding locations by providing new cycling stops to satisfy last-mile connectivity and based on futuristic approach, providing EV vehicle charging stations and by developing android based application which helps to calculate travel cost and emission generation from vehicles. Python based Semiautomated tool helps to identify accident prone locations. 

Report Content

Introduction And Need For Study

Aim Objective And Methodology

Link-Node Analysis

Accessibility Analysis

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Cycling Stops

Accident Analysis