Faculty: Dipak Samal | Shaily Gandhi

GIS for Governance

This studio is designed with a focus on applying geospatial technology for governance and decision making. Specifically, the emphasis would be on the use of spatial datasets, tools, and techniques for providing geospatial solutions to governance problems/issues/challenges. Decision making through spatial analysis using vector and raster-based data models, model building, programming for governance through real-time studies would be attempted. As a part of the studio, in order to facilitate the student’s ability to develop thematic spatial models using coding/programming skills, a modular component on customization and code design (Python scripting for Spatial analysis) shall be covered. Also, several thematic areas related to the built-up environment will be covered at the city scale. As a part of the studio, several interactions with city officials and planners will be carried out to understand the governance issues and solve them using geospatial technology. Towards the end, the students would be able to solve or propose probable solutions that require the intervention of Geospatial technology.