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Rounak Goel


Renewable Energy - Rooftop solar panel installation

The study focused on computing the energy consumption (based on average occupancy levels, building heights and its usage types), the distribution of solar irradiance parameters (land surface temperature and global horizontal irradiance), and urban shadows using advanced remote sensing and spatial analysis techniques in order to identify the suitable rooftops for solar panel installation. The economic and environmental benefits of solar panel installation were also assessed using python tools and design of an interactive web map interface.

Report Content


Aim, Objectives & Methodology

Criteria for estimating energy consumption

Model & tool for computing energy consumption

Estimated daily energy consumption across study area

Interpretations based on estimated energy consumption across the study area

Assessing the solar insolation across the study area

Solar energy potential across the best performing sectors

Multi criteria decision & shadow analysis for finding suitable rooftops

Inferences and conclusion