Maniar Jay Dwarkeshbhai


Hotel at Nagpur

 Plumbing Design Studio  which help us to assess me with all the plumbing design and also teach as  how to do design of Plumbing of any Project. Step by Step all the concept were clear for that the first Exercise was to do Study on House Plumbing which help us to get a idea of basic plumbing, then we did the project and get to know proper knowledge of plumbing. It was a great experience and got many things to learn           Click here 

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Plumbing design of my own house

Special topic Centralized hot water system De-Centralized hot water system

Assigned project hotel and Nagpur

water consumption , RO water , HVAC, Storage tank

water balance STP & GWTP

Water flow diagram

vertical & horizontal pipe size

Drainage fixture unit , vertical & horizontal drainage pipe size

Manhole , looping calculation

Quantity calculation and working model

Project Video