Faculty: Dipsha Shah | Dipen Mehta

TA: Ayaz Jiwa

Plumbing Design Studio

Water is the most precious natural resource shared by every branch of life on earth. The good management of the entire water cycle is key to create environmental resilience for humankind and ecological systems. The design of water supply and sanitation systems is central to the development of healthy environments for all. The main aim of the plumbing design studio is to plan and design economical and sustainable plumbing services. The studio will be offered with the following teaching pedagogy: i. Students will study the plumbing services of their own residence. ii. A variety of projects such as commercial, residential, mall, hotel, hospital, school, resort, township, entertainment Complex will be assigned to the students for the designing of the plumbing services. iii. The students will plan and design sustainable and economical plumbing services of an assigned project with many design constraints such as freshwater consumption reduction, installation of the water meter, centralized hot water and RO system, rainwater harvesting, recycling, and reuse of wastewater. iv. Students will also prepare the digital, working and non – working models representing plumbing services of assigned projects. v. Number of technical visits if feasible in current

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