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Plumbing design studio help us  by various assignments and activities. It begins with the study of plumbing design of our own house where we determined the water consumption, an ideal plumbing system for it and found out what is correct and incorrect with it. In the second exercise, we all did a study of different topics related to plumbing and compiled all the learnings in a presentation. In the third exercise we were given different projects on which we worked and designed the entire plumbing services just by studying the architectural drawings. It was the main assignment and we prepared 3d models in Revit depicting architectural and plumbing design for the project. The last exercise was the working model. For this assignment everyone chose different topics in plumbing to work upon and prepared working models. Overall, we understood how plumbing is supposed to be done correctly Click here for full work.

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Plumbing design of your own house

Special topic:-cost benefit of vacuum vs gravity drainage

Project:- Club at Diu

Water requirement of own project

Treatment plant and Storage tank capacity

Water supply fixture unit and pipe size calculation

Drainage supply fixture unit and pipe size calculation

Looping pipe size and storm water calculation

Cost estimation of own project

Working model:- water level indicator

Project Video