Ushi Patel



The plumbing system is designed for the school of Mehsana where the possible ways of water conservations and how the natural form of water can be conserved and reused is taken under the considerations. For viewing the  full portfolio CLICK HERE. The building designed is G+1 where according to the necessities the plumbing system is designed. 

Report Content

Portfolio- Containing a glimpse of the work produced during the studio hours.

The project- SCHOOL IN MEHSANA in which the whole plumbing system is designed as per the requirement.

The various revit model snapshots can be seen at different distance to know the pipelines surrounding it.

The various tables showing the data collected and the plumbing system designed as per it.

The CAD drawings can be viewed by the side panel through the portfolio link provided.

The more about the tables and data calculated according to it.

The different pumps and storm water networking were provided in order to meet the needs.

The water flow diagram that shows the flow.

The working model on the rain water filtration and the house plumbing activity being carried out.

The various fixtures shown of the rest room.

Project Video