Faculty: Pranav Meghani | Shivani Kapadia

TA: Dharmraj Jhala

Arithmetic of an Urban Plot: A Coexistence of Codes and Cooperatives

In India, by 2050, 50% population is expected to be urbanised, as per the census data. At such rapid growth of urbanisation, our cities are facing constant need for Housing and Workspaces. This studio attempts to investigate the real world scenario of Housing and Commercial Projects in Indian Cities. This studio will look at land as an asset and will probe into the market forces applicable on a chosen parcel of land. The studio is designed to enable the students understand market forces undefined bye-laws to understand the parameters affecting a ‘Real Estate’ Project and prepare a proposal for a given land in form of appropriate architectural response. Through smaller exercises running along the semester, students will be able to synthesise the parameters affecting the market and come up with a pitch for a Market Driven Design for a Real Estate Project.

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Studio Unit

Understanding the CGDCR and its applications.

Decoding unit typology and cluster formation.

Addressing the context and market forces and giving back to the residing locals.

Exploring the atypical, talking to the future.

Culminating the process to reality.