Faculty: Milind Patel | Kavita Menghani

TA: Janki Vaishnav

Land Building Relationships

A building’s relationship to the ground is one of the most fundamental contextual responses in architecture, and often the first introduction to the building as one approaches it. Exploration of various ways the ground and building come together is primary to the initiation of the design process. Landform as immediate context; if studied in detail, can become a predominant design directive. In conventional design processes however, these explorations of ground modulations are often left out due to pressures of programme and the design development through plans. Sectional explorations sometimes become purely presentational, due to which these relationships are overlooked. Most promising landforms, which have the potential to become far richer expressions, are regrettably left out.

This unit offers an immersive journey adopting various methods through which these relationships can be explored, discovered and established.

Studio Unit

Fig 1. Process models

Fig 2. Site Interpretation model, Fig 3,4. Site Interpretation collage, Fig. 5 Programmatic model, Fig. 6 Relief model, Fig. 7 Watercolour model collage

Fig. 8 Models

Fig. 9 Sections

Fig. 10 3D diagram