Naureen Sultana Feroz


Inside Out

What is the feeling of a home in an apartment? What relationships do you build with the people living next door? What is the connecting link between the individual in the home and the collective in a society and who is the individual in the society? These questions have been addressed in the project and the spaces designed, molded, and bent around the concept to create interactive and individual spaces. The lobby space which is generally purely functional and compact has been reimagined to create more interaction between the neighbours, achieved with a play in the GDCR rules. The spaces are transformable according to the events taking place in the space creating the customization and owning of space as one would in their own house.
These shared spaces outside the house promote interaction while the unit has been designed to bring back the individuality as well as family encounters, creating cut-offs when needed and an opportunity to connect with other spaces after the self-contemplation. 

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