Faculty: Vishwanath Kashikar

TA: Aakash Jain

Oikopolis IV: A New Hope

Academia struggles with mainstream urban housing studios; either they end up being utopian and whimsical or abjectly surrender to economic and regulatory pressures. This studio situates itself between these two extremes and hopes to nudge mainstream housing design into creating meaningful spaces.
The studio is structured in two parts- a 11 week first part consisting of a series of learning activities that prepare the student for the 2nd part- a 5 week housing design problem. Learning decisive designing, decoding the GDCR, reimagining the meaning of a home, identifying key challenges in housing design, and awareness of existing housing designs are some of the activities in the first 12 weeks of the studio. The Final Design Project is an opportunity to demonstrate the learnings in the first part, in a comprehensive manner.

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