Namrita Celine Mathew



Nested Heights is a project situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The fundamental concept of the project is to bring people together by enhancing neighbourly relationships. Even though multiple residents live in very close proximity in High rise apartments, the neighbours are usually unknown. They might even be sharing walls while being unaware of each other’s existence. This is not so much the case in walk-up apartments. Hence one can infer that the intensity of neighbourly relations is proportionate to the density of a project. Enhancing these relationships can also leave a positive impact on the resident’s overall mental health and happiness. Nested Heights is an assemblage of walk-up apartments in which each walk-up can be read as one community. A shared ‘ground’ in the air between a community brings people together. These connections between neighbours can also be magnified through deeper and more meaningful concepts of ‘Sharing’. Sharing may also be beneficial economically. In this project, two units share a verandah, an extension of their living space. Two to four units also share a work area between them. Overall, all these nestled communities come together to share the actual ground at the centre.

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