Faculty: Sadasivan Iyer | Shrenee Dudhaiya

TA: Devvrat Sompura

Df…X an Immersion

The success of a product deployed in a built environment depends on many factors such as cost, reliability and others related to market and business.
The immersion in Design for excellence (Df…X) will hope to an active synthesis of Design for Manufacturing (DfM), Design for Assembly (DfA), combined with Design for Quality (DfQ), Design for Safety (DfS), Design for Environment (DfE) and others. 
The studio will provide will be in two phases. The phase one will be to analyse an existing product with identified complexity which may include electromechanical components to determine the Df…X metrics and document the process in detail.
The second project will be to determine the Df…X strategies for producing a new product from previous projects done.
Students will have developed ability to use the tools and techniques of how productsn are made and the economics involved in the producibility of a product proposal.

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