Faculty: Kireet Patel | Kaulav Bhagat

TA: Tanushree Solanki-VF

Fundamentals of Furniture Design

The practical requirements serving as points of inspiration, and not as a difficulty that needs to be overcome and camouflaged. - Danish Furniture Design, by Arne Karlsen

The field and the industry of furniture design today are initiating many systematic experiments of the design processes that explore varied design practices which fulfill the unique needs of the contemporary times. The design fundamentals play a very important role in defining the need for the furniture, making of the furniture and the poetics of the furniture in design experimentation.

“One has to make the supports sing.” - Auguste Perret

The studio focuses on a systematic inquiry into: fundamentals of utility of the furniture, fundamentals of making the furniture and fundamentals of future of the furniture with knowledge and skills to develop basic ability for furniture design.

Studio Unit


Fundamental skills

Exploration of design criteria

Refinement of dimensions and proportions

Making and assembly