Vibhuti Kathpalia


Google & Gormley

Antony Gormley, a British sculptor, dedicated his life to extensive studies of the human mind and body. He works with cohesive and interactive forms, derived from simple geometries. Gormley believed that the human mind in its calm state, extends into infiniteness, thus blurring the boundaries of his art. His series, ‘Body, space and time’, explores the relationship between mass and space, open and close, loose and fixed. Extrapolating his analysis, the built is an assemblage of two anatomical figures interacting with the existing ruins, with the existing chimney as a metaphorical spine, anchoring the built. The anatomical extensions formulate spaces by juxtaposing the built with the existing ruins through a system of existing and new grids. The spaces are further pixelated to blur boundaries of the form through a seamless infinite loop forming the skeleton and structure of the furniture, lighting, and railing system. The design attempts to coalesce Google’s ideology and Alembic Art District’s essence through Gormley’s structure and systems.

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