Faculty: Percy Pithawala | Krishna Shah

TA: Niyati Shah

Hybrid Typologies and Adaptive Re-use

This studio focuses on adaptive reuse strategies, design interventions undefined extensions as well as interior space planning within existing structures. The studio is all the more relevant especially in our current context to create awareness and open up opportunities to help revitalize and preserve our heritage structures for the foreseeable future. Design proposals will seek to revive lost associations with our cultural icons by imbibing them with new meanings and contemporary expressions. Project sites along with appropriate programs will be identified ranging from heritage to icons of modernism to abandoned industrial landscapes. The studio stresses on the importance of adaptive reuse as a strategic tool to conserve and revitalize our built environments. It aims to integrate elements of interior design together with spatial articulation to explore new structural and services systems to accommodate program choices and design expressions.

Studio Unit

Sites for Intervention Site 1 : Alembic Art District, Vadodara Site 2: State Record Room, Vadodara

Parallels from Artists and Architects

Exploring alternative design concepts, inspirations, challenges based on existing conditions.

Developing space planning layouts and synthesizing individual layers into a coherent tangible expression of interior space design.

Developing design details of furniture assemblies/systems and integrating building services systems within the space.