Faculty: Percy Pithawala | Krishna Shah

TA: Niyati Shah

Hybrid Typologies and Adaptive Re-use

Studio focused on a wide range of adaptive reuse strategies to propose site specific design interventions while articulating and programming interior spaces and new extensions /additions to the existing structures.
This studio is all the more relevant especially in our current context as it helps to create
awareness about revitalizing existing structures
and preserving our heritage structures.
Design proposals seek to revive lost associations with our cultural icons by imbibing them with new meanings, contextual associations and contemporary expressions.
Two distinct sites were identified and chosen for the studio project namely ?The Baroda State record room at Kothi administrative complex, Baroda ?and an ?abandoned industrial shed within the Alembic Art District, Baroda. The former site accommodates a system of storage
racks dating back over a century enclosed within a building envelope while the later once served the purpose for a bottling plant for the erstwhile Alembic pharmaceutical company.
Students were offered a choice of two individual programmes: office premises for Google Inc. and an office cum display space for the Swedish multinational furniture and accessories brand IKEA. Through their final design outcomes, students explore and integrate elements
of interior design together with spatial and programmatic articulation, structural systems resolution (existing and proposed), issues related to inside/ outside as well as private/ public interface, landscape etc.

Studio Unit

Sites for Intervention Site 1 : Alembic Art District, Vadodara Site 2: State Record Room, Vadodara

Parallels from Artists and Architects

Exploring alternative design concepts, inspirations, challenges based on existing conditions.

Developing space planning layouts and synthesizing individual layers into a coherent tangible expression of interior space design.

Developing design details of furniture assemblies/systems and integrating building services systems within the space.