Dheepthi K Babu



Appropriating grid matrices of Mondrian's compositions for the Display Center for IKEA at The Record Room, Baroda
The proposed program is the IKEA Office Display center at the State Record Room, Vadodara. In order to give the current structure a new meaning, the new program was installed while adhering to Piet Mondrian's artwork and design ideas. Mondrian's work follows a few fundamental principles which inspired the design. The design interventions consist of a volumetric play that breaks, connects, and envelops the existing grid with furniture.

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Report Content

Artist Study and Analysis

Concept Development l Process l through model

Form Development

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor plan l Section l Views

First Floor plan l Section l Views

Part plan l Part Section l Cube Details

Part plans l Part Sections

Exploded isometric

Furniture Details l Final Model