Chauhan Niti B. S. Chauhan


Mondrianesque Sensibilities

An attempt has been made to revive the built heritage by imbibing Piet Mondrian’s design methodologies to create new meanings and contemporary expressions that are relevant in terms of current context for the foreseeable future. Broadway Boogie Woogie and Trafalgar Square artworks by Piet Mondrian were chosen as the source of inspiration for the spatial expressions. In this artwork, the grid composition is of varied thickness and depth that goes beyond the frame. To represent Piet Mondrian artwork, the design interventions have been developed as surfaces. These surfaces have been explored horizontally and vertically.

Report Content

Study of Piet Mondrian's artworks

Trafalgar Square artwork analysis and representation as 3D elements

Case study and Process

Discussions and Process Models

Furniture Modules

Exploded Isometric and 3D Views

Ground Floor Plan and Section

First Floor Plan and Section

Second Floor Plan and Cross-Section

Model Photos