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Structure and Metaphor of Anish Kapoor

Drawing Relationship Between Metaphorical & Ritualistic Spaces From Anish Kapoor’s Installations
The idea of space within a sculpture. Generating tensile geometry with the structure to enclose the space without changing the character of the geometry has always been a key feature behind Anish Kapoor’s work with the idea of monumental scale to the sculpture he makes one see and feel the structure from a different perspective. Objects spill out from their own parameters suggesting an Excess of emotion, yet they also stand serenely as in meditated focus for ritual. As the viewer becomes part of the sculpture, each work speaks of the confined individuality of a single body and the expansive inclusiveness of a shared place. A person travels through the sculpture and becomes a part of it. An idea where GOOGLE - the new age record storage of the internet and ai era is set in the state record room. Anish Kapoor’s works aid as a catalyst in creating spaces-based experiences. Where people interact with the space in different ways to have different experiences. Space is not just perceived through its visual image but by the journey through it.  

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Artist study - Anish Kapoor

Art work - Analysis

Site and structure relationship

Ground floor plan and section

First floor and section

Second floor plan and section

Part plan and section

Exploded isometric

views - Points of casual collision

Model and process