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Mody Jeel Nilesh


Exhibits of Art: Nesting in the geometric grid

The design process initiated with the idea of following the geometry offered by the site. The tetrahedron geometry with different sections of elements were arranged in such a way to compliment the selected program. Tension linear and planer components in a tetrahedron geometry were used to develop spatial arrangements of the various interior elements. “Ornament is an abstract rhythm of structure and it belongs to the interior world of constructive elements.” - Frank Lyold Wright The spatial arrangement initiated with the idea of bridging the “gaps” between the traditional and contemporary face of India. This exhibition will showcase the Traditions of Nations through the medium of its art divided into 3 literature, art and music around the nation and thus, an attempt to cherish the growth of India. The space, thus, is an attempt to understand the relationship between contemporary ornamentation and its application in interior character of a space through spatial qualities. Portfolio here

Report Content

Final project Process compilation

Module 1: Focus of the Studio

Module 2: Designing shop

Shop for costumes and shrinagar of Krishna Deity

Shop and its details

Module 3: Program and introduction to site

Spatial theme for the site

Nesting in the geometric grid

Sections showing construction and design decisions

Renders showing the spatial theme of interiors