Choksi Riya Bhavin


Graphic Centre - From An Indian Perception

The concept of ornamentation has evolved with the human being and its relation to its context. The art of ornamentation is moving into diverse direction from funtionality to Visual pleasure. Graphic Centre _ From and Indian perception is an attempt to bring forward the art of artists more than just an art. Integrating art with Graphics can contrivute to the commercial developments in indian economy. The Interior articulaton is the result of combining the Site excitements with the idea of surface ornamentation with inspiration from S.H. Raza’s Paintings - a powerful medium of Indian Graphics. For Full Portfolio Click Here

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Journey of Ornamentation

Initiate - Module 1 Compilation


Module 2 : An Attempt to Ornamentation

Cloth bag shop details and Views

Cloth bag shop details and Views

Module 3 : The final project

Floor plans with spatial theme of Enveloping the angular planes

Views with theme of Ornamentatation as : Geometrical Patterns and its Effect on surface can create Ornamentation to the space

Views of the graphic centre with the ideas of surface ornamentation