Mistry Pari Vikrambhai


House of Textiles: Shafts of Transparency

The site, Living & Learning Design Centre is located in Ajrakhpur, Kutch. The site was created so that communities may create activities according to their cultural norms, yet there is a void in terms of knowing what the site is for if there are no activities. Following the meaning of the building, the proposed idea is to build the HUB OF INDIAN TEXTILES within a area of 1450 sqm. Site is two storey building, which are separated out by working space on ground floor and exhibition at a higher level. Fabric can not be 100% opaques because of it’s weaving method, taking thought of a A-B connection ahead from module 1. The final project is named as “The shafts of Transparency: refers to the utilisation of pre-existing light shafts as a framework for creating vertical and horizontal interior elements and forms" .This method provides a visual link between the rooms by blocking direct access to the space.

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Report Content

Shafts of Transparency

Initial process of understanding ornamentation through readings and models

Articulation of ornamentation in given context

Shop for tools of textiles

Interior views

Finalization of ornamentation in chosen site

Concept as "Shafts of Transparency"

All level Plans and exploded elements

Process of Interior elements

Entrance view of the textile hub.