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Riddhi Tiwari


Institute of Innovation| Modulation & insertion of forms

Ornamentation as progression begins with the idea of development from one stage of the category of an element to another as if one there’s one part of an element connects, repeats, and forms into another element. Since the progression come into the picture, The site selected, ‘Sankar Kendra’, designed by Le Corbusier had a modular with repetition with change in order that forms movement around a central atrium. This clue helped in processing iterations for zoning for the program- ‘Institute of innovation’ which allows entrepreneurs to use space for working on prototypes and researching theories to develop smart wearable products and present them to investors. Thus the iteration for zoning with the idea of modular brings up the making of a common movement path having all the areas at the adjacent sides for the ground floor. Following the same rule, iterations were made with the first floor by creating interactive spaces with transitions between single and double-height spaces. Further, to solve the issue of lack of light, skylights were added. Kits of elements have progression tried on elements which follow the continuation of series with undulation- rhythmic layers and breaking monotony of spatial heights making overall spatial theme as 'The action of gradually linking segments from one state to another'. The kits of elements placed on part of the floor form a module. Module repeats in rotation maintaining movement swirling around the atrium. Thus, creates interactive space between different workstations which has spatial connections between them. 

Report Content

Process of ornamentation

Module 01: Reviewing meaning of ornamentation

Formalizing the meaning

Module 02: Giving shape to definition by designing a shop

Phases of elements

Module 03: Summarizing the process

Site selection and form insertion

Utilization of space

Impact of elements

Composition of segments