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Dhvani Hitesh Kanuga


Intersecting Planes | A Hub for Fashion Desginers

Ornamentation in the New Age has become a means of interaction with the space. Through two different projects, the Shop for Utensils and A Hub for Fashion Designers, a Process for Ornamentation is generated. The final project is located at the Watson's Hotel in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, India. The site follows a functional order generated from its lattice structure. Planes were inserted into the lattice, to change the perception of the site, leading to the theme, 'Intersecting Planes in Existing Lattice'. Various elements of ornamentation support the theme and form the interior space. Portfolio Link

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Report Content

Final Project

Module 1 Compilation

Module 2 A shop for Utensils

Module 2 Details of the Shop

Module 3 Final Project Brief

Plans showing elements of Ornamnetation

Elements of Ornare

Elements of Ornare

View showing Bridges