Kshetrimayum Pratika Devi


Unfolding Ideas | Start-up Incubator

A Start-up incubator in Woxsen University located in Hyderabad is designed as a place of ornamentation through the new age technique of ornare. The process of interior ornamentation starts with a theme as ‘Ornamentation is perceivable through movement’. Through the theme, a shop of bells was designed and later the theme got finalized with the final project: Unfolding Ideas | Start-up incubator. As the element of ornamentation, new levels, staircase, and bridges were intervened within the space. The meaning of ornamentation from these projects can be understood to bring out multiple spatial perceptions of transparency.

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Report Content

Journey of a project for ornamentation

Module 1 : Initialize

Module 1 : Perspectoscope

Module 2 : Mediate- Shop for bells

Module 2 : Mediate- Shop for bells

Module 3 : Project brief

Plans and the places of ornamentation

Views and sectional perspective

Elements of ornamentation

Project summation