Faculty: Ashwani Kumar | Siddh Doshi

TA: Nirali Shah

Infrastructure Project Studio (WASH)

The inadequate understanding of urban
infrastructure and lack of attention paid to
cross-cutting issues often result in poor project
formulation and, thus, inefficient service delivery.
These problems can be addressed by evaluating
the existing infrastructure and identifying
the specific projects to improve the WASH
infrastructure components detailed technical
and financial. This studio exercise focused to
build capacities of students in critical analysis
of infrastructure needs in the city, specifically
for the domains of water, sanitation, storm water
and solid waste. In addition, the students were
able to demonstrate inter-sectoral linkages
that are prevalent in the urban realm. During
this process, the studio equipped the students
with a broader understanding of the process
of plan formulation, project identification,
financial analysis and stakeholder engagement
and implementation needed for executing an
infrastructure project.

Studio Unit

Introduction to the Infrastructure (WASH) Project Studio

Analyzing the Water Sector of Rajkot City

Analyzing the Sanitation Sector of Rajkot City

Analyzing the Storm Water Sector of Rajkot City

Analyzing the Solid Waste Sector of Rajkot City