Faculty: Bhargav Tewar | Nikunj Dave

TA: Krupansh Patel

CONCRETE: Exploring Its Versatility

This studio aims on developing understanding on concrete as a versatile material. The main objective is to enable students to identify right grade and type of concrete for different products and applications. It provides a comprehensive coverage of the theoretical and practical aspects related to use of concrete as a conventional construction material and it includes the latest developments in the field of concrete construction. It has been designed to provide students with a detailed understanding of concrete material and behavior in relation to physical properties, production, placing and quality assurance. The properties of concrete and its constituent materials and the role of various admixtures in modifying various properties to suit specific requirements, such as RMC, GFRC, FRC, Pervious concrete, light weight concrete, self-healing concrete, High performance concrete, etc will be treated comprehensively

Studio Unit

Module 1_ Exploring Raw Materials

Module 2_Evaluating quality of Raw Materials

Module 3_Concrete Mix Design, production and Quality Inspection

Module 4_Group Project with Special Concrete

Module 5_Application Based Special Concrete Development(Individual Project)