Faculty: Rachit Sheth

TA: Apurva Soni

Exploring Pedestrian Bridges

Crossing an obstacle has been a challenge for humans for time immortal. The obstacle might be a river/canal, a valley, a traffic junction, a highway, a railway line. Thus arises the necessity of a bridge.
Bridges are important to ease the movement of humans and mules/yachts, vehicles loaded with goods in tough mountainous terrain. To facilitate safe and free flow of traffic across a busy traffic junction with multiple public transport facilities with minimum obstruction to vehicular traffic. To facilitate movement of vehicles/devotees across mighty and perennial rivers like Ganda, Yamuna or Narmada. To create a connection between two towering wings of high-rise buildings. Or to create an iconic structure at the city centre across the river and make it a tourist attraction.
Diverse structural systems like Truss, Beam-Slab, Box, Cable Stayed or Cable Suspended can be explored with materials like Concrete, Steel and Wood.

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