Aanchal Sanjay Arora


Exploring Pedestrian Bridges

The studio goal was to establish an overall structural understanding of bridge design, components, types, construction methodology and sequence of different forms of bridge across eras and across the globe through case studies, sketching and model making. Towards the end, a real life junction in working condition, Yadav Chowk, was redesigned using actual traffic data; different substructure and superstructure designs were used according to span and clear height requirement and walkthrough video of the same was made.  Click here to view the report and walkthrough of the architectural and junction model. 

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Module 1: Site Visit

Module 2: Architectural Case Study

Module 2: 3D Model

Module 3: Grillage Analysis

Module 3: Grillage Analysis

Module 4: Redesigning Yadav Chowk Junction

Module 4: Redesigning Yadav Chowk Junction (proposed signal less junction)

Project Video