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Kagdi Aswad Parvez Sajjad


Plumbing Design of Bungalow Scheme at Ahmedabad

By practising the activities in this course, I learned a lot about plumbing after finishing this studio. The first activity allowed me to monitor several systems in my home while also learning the fundamentals of plumbing. The second task helped me comprehend numerous plumbing-related subjects in depth. In the third exercise, we were given various projects to work on, and we were to design the full plumbing system merely by reviewing the architectural designs. It was the primary job, and we created 3D models in Revit to show the architectural and plumbing designs for the project. The Revit models that were created assisted us in visualising how the actual plumbing will appear.

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House Plumbing

Special Topic

Water Calculation and Population

Water Tank Capacity and Rainwater

Water Supply of Assigned Project

Schematic Diagram

Loop Design

Drainage Design

Revit Model

Working Model

Project Video