Faculty: Dipsha Shah | Dipen Mehta

TA: Rudra Dhaduk | Varun Doulatani

Plumbing Design Studio

Water is the most precious natural resource. Ensure availability and sustainable water management is mandatory for healthy environments and one of the sustainable development goals. The main aim of the plumbing design studio is to plan and design economical and sustainable plumbing services. A variety of projects such as commercial, residential, hotel, hospital, schools, etc. will be assigned to the students for the designing of the plumbing services. The students will plan and design sustainable and economical plumbing services for an assigned project and estimate the cost with many design constraints such as freshwater consumption reduction, installation of the water meter, centralized hot water and RO system, rainwater harvesting, recycling, and reuse of wastewater. Students will also prepare the digital models representing plumbing services of assigned projects and working models related to plumbing services. Many technical visits will be arranged as a part of the studio.

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House Plumbing Exercise

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