Faculty: Sanal Thathapuzha | Shaili Banker

TA: Jvalant Devrukhkar

Forces and Forms - Gravity and Geometry - Form finding in the design of compression only structures

The studio predominantly explores the use of geometry in the evolution of forms in compression only structures in response to the physical forces acting on the structure.
The studio focused on design and construction techniques employing mud as a predominant material for form and space making. Studio involved working with mud, understanding its constituent parts, exploration of different ways of building in mud, making of compression only structures in mud, evolution of an appropriate technique of mud construction, understanding form and space as a result of the deployment of a particular technique of mud construction.

Studio Unit

Memory sketching with charcoal - Abstraction of memory in clay/pop models

Learning from the history - Understanding structures of Mandu

Pattern making - Form finding - Design of Shell

Design project - Process

Design project - final drawings