Faculty: Shubhra Raje

TA: Vishnu Vasudevan

Towards a Critical Project and a Project of Critique

The prevalent discourse on architecture positions the architectural project as a singular act made separate from the continuity and collective condition of the environment which we are (still) in obligation to share.The studio challenges this distancing through iconization within our disciplinary discourse. By reclaiming a critical intimacy with the iconic through a systematic inquiry into the conditions and consequences of its design.
Through the discovery of relevant questions beyond the familiarity of established narratives of success, the students critically investigated a modern icon. Problems inherent in its existing design by way of vital relationships left unconsidered were identified and resolved by subtle yet profound interventions. Shifting emphasis from design solutions derived primarily from the expression of form to that of solving problems of relevance, we rekindled the continuity of the built environment, and engender an understanding of what constitutes critical architecture in service of responsibility over mere reputation.

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Studio Unit

(model: collective work)

(master plan: collective work, constituted in the spirit of the ‘exquisite corpse’)

(drawings from left to right: shreyanshi daftary, rutvi raychura, disha kothari, jesal padaliya, vinuthna adiraju; section: collective work)

(axo: kruti makwana)