Faculty: Jinal Shah | Hiloni Sutaria

TA: Darshi Kapadia

Emergent Forms: Design and Fabrication

"Computational design and workflows have the potential to develop, high-performance, complex forms through the application of innovative material and fabrication systems. These forms are generated through input parameters, geometrical constraints, understanding of - physical forces, material systems, and fabrication processes.
The studio enables students to develop a systemic thinking, and design computational forms as an outcome of the integrated material and fabrication processes. It investigates the principles of self-organization and emergence to conceptualize and execute a component-based, assembly system. These computational systems allow the strategic alteration of the component to achieve diversity, evolution, and adaptation of form as per the user’s need. Through alternating digital and analogy modelling, the designed forms are analysed and optimized for their structural, material, and functional performance.
The studio concludes with an effective demonstration of an integrated – Form, material, and processes within multiple domains of design through development of digital models and scaled prototypes."

Studio Unit

1. Studio Brief

2. Form Finding : Digital and Physical Modeling

3. Form Development : Design Domain & Material Exploration

4. Form Resolution: Joinery Details | Physical Experiments

5. Prototypes | Physical Experiments