Faculty: Ramesh Patel | Harsh Shah

TA: Jeel Mody

Exploration of Design - Material in Focus

The studio will require students to conceptualize and develop a design. Later produce drawings for a selected part of their design considering their learning from relevant exercises conducted during the semester tenure.
The process will require students to:
1. Study various determining properties of a construction material and in response to the design problem, evolve their own material palette
2. Conceptualize and develop interior layout. Various elements of interior space (seating element, working (table) element, storage, partitions, false ceiling layout, flooring layout etc.)
3. Add nomenclature to their drawings with essential dimensions, specifications and surface finishes
4. Via discussions understand the sequence and method of construction as undertaken on site and align drawing production.
5. Generate 3D models (physical and digital) and walkthroughs to demonstrate the design decisions in form of built spaces
Final outcome is detailed working drawings of their design and detail drawings for identified elements of interior space (as per point # 2).

Studio Unit

Vedanshi Doshi, Kashvi Shah, Rishi Gupta, Harshi Agarwal, Khushi Patel, Mihir Kalra, Aanal Patel Spatial visualization

Mihir Kalra Table design for lighting fixture designer’s office from wood and banana fibre paper

Vedanshi Doshi A dynamic seating for kinetic designer’s display space

Harshi Agarwal Partition display system in workspace for an architect’s office

Vidhi Kanani Upcycling studio workspace table design from plastic crates