Faculty: Sadasivan Iyer | Mann Singh

TA: Dhavlesh Suthar

Foundation Studio : Making an Entry

The entryway is the transition between the private and the public. In many cases it is also the face which is presented to the world. It is a space full of both practical requirements as well as being imbued with meanings and narratives, while being relatively contained. It is a place of interactions. Culturally, climatically and geographically and topologically there are huge variations in form, structure and layout. The students will develop designs of products which exist in this space with particular focus on change and variety. Function, form, narratives and experience will be keypoints Studio will start by simultaneously building material competency in 3 materials and background studies of entryways and the people who use them. The focus will be on making from an early stage complemented by critical conceptual abilities.

Studio Unit

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