Faculty: Ankita Trivedi | Ishita Jain

TA: Advait Patel

Museum of Obsole-scenes

This exhibition design studio will culminate in an immersive museum of historical design objects within speculative environments. This museum will document and narrate the everyday objects that have been collected and preserved over generations at Mohan Niwas in Garli, Himachal Pradesh. This studio offers opportunities of interaction and feedback from the family who has generously offered access to their personal collection of objects from their travels across Europe and North India in the early 1900s.
Students will engage with objects on site in Himachal and get opportunities to access intergenerational stories enmeshed within associations, memories and anecdotes. They will study and analyze the multiple creative and interpersonal layers that these designed objects carry within them. This in-depth understanding will help the students create and speculate on the socio-cultural worlds of these objects.

Studio Unit

An overview of the studio process

Engaging with & documenting the intergenerational family archive of Atul & Ira Lal at Garli Village, Himachal Pradesh.

Secondary research into the associated histories around the object & Interpretation Design

Going from 'Curatorial' to 'Curating'

Spatial Narratives of Obsolescence through recombinant design using the Soma cube.