Faculty: Priti Rao | Kabya shree Borgohain

TA: Vibhuti Shah

Service Design

The service economy is here. Over half of India’s GDP contribution is by the services sector today. These include public services (for example getting a digital identity), as well private services (such as ridesharing, food ordering etc). Services are all around us, and we consume them everyday. However, what leads to a delightful customer service experience, or equally what causes the all too common ‘fail moments’? How might we systematically, and thoughtfully design a service experience to work seamlessly both at the front end, as well as the back end of service delivery? This studio will expose you to the fundamentals of Service Design, an up and coming specialization in the field of design that will equip you to design a service from scratch whether physical or digital or hybrid. Students will work on a real world problem and project that develops each week to culminate into a final project presentation.

Studio Unit