Shirbhate Snehal Vinodrao Sunita


Chauraha Charcha

Chauraha charcha is a space designed to provided a platform to food vendors in and around the locality. Chauraha meaning crossroad and charcha meaning discussions is an idea of bringing the stories and the people narrating the same under one roof. The design is inserted under the rather encroached area of the flyover, allowing the footpaths to free up and allocate the food vendors with well designed spaces while conserving their identity. The façade establishes a relation between the inside and the out while still bifurcating and defining the internal space. The structure is designed in way that the circulation enables the user with the choice of dismantling and rearranging the modules as per the changing requirement of the space. The design is simple and clean with hints of Ahmedabad Architecture. For example, the arches and jaalis and color palette that can be seen very prominently across the city.

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