Pruthak Thakkar



As I walked towards the building, my eyes instantly fell on the platform and columns. They gave a sense of warm welcome despite the lack of walls. The plinths are made of stone which seems to have a rough texture. The sunlight bounces off these crevices and catches my eyes. The columns make me feel very intimidated, towering high above the ground and dominating the landscape. As I stepped inside the building, I was greeted by the cool, refreshing air. The plinths continue inside, creating a sense of continuity and stability. The columns are spaced evenly throughout the space, creating a rhythm that draws my eyes upward toward the beautiful sky. The plinths and columns are made of cool, smooth stone that feels solid and substantial to the touch. As I moved through the building, I felt the weight of the plinths and columns beneath my feet, grounding me in the space. The building design uses light and shadow to create a dynamic and engaging sensory experience. The columns cast long shadows across the floor, while the sunlight filters through the columns, creating patterns of light and shadow on the floors. The entrance and the exit of the building are not defined but as I exited the structure I felt a change in my surroundings. 

Report Content

Observation & Recordings: through sketches of the place we live in

The aim of the exercise was to sketch your home so that you may realize the mistake of connecting aesthetics just with items of furniture and interior items and not with architectural elements.

In this exercise, we were told to take good pictures of every site we visit and make postcards and also sketch it too to understand every detail through sketching.

Imagination & Visualization: through models based on senses

Site Narrative for Site Study and Vision Statement to start off with the concept

Design Approach: through process models & sketches

Final Design Plan

Final Design Sections

3D Perspective View and Sectional Perspective

Final Design Model

Project Video