Faculty: Priyanshi Jain

TA: Shashikant Bhambhani

Architecture of the Senses

Our encounters with architecture are enormous, but the experiences that are etched in our memories are the ones that moves our senses. The studio started with investigating spaces around our day-to-day life, enabling a student to differentiate between mediocracy and quality space. This understanding concludes the importance of ‘Awareness’ as the first step towards ‘Observation’. Awareness becomes the basis to design contemplative space, transposing the dynamism of given site. The exploration of conceptual spaces evoking all senses i.e., sight, smell, touch, sound and taste develops a library of spatial elements and spatial configurations. These explorations and study of architecture and sensory aspects become the foundation to design a space that adds to the sensorial experience of a human. The process was be aided by reflecting on theories like body of architecture, material is endless, the journey, the setting, timelessness, etc. which are few of the important constituents of a built space.

Studio Unit

Observation and Recording


Imagination and Visualisation

Design Strategies

Design Strategies