Diya Jain



Through the element of surprise the design attempts to get the people to better experience and appreciate the elements on site. The site is located in Lonavala, and has two lakes, one of which remains hidden until viewed from the ridge and is quite a surprising and pleasant discovery. 
 The design is a slow journey of multiple pauses. Through the journey, the outside elements are slowly revealed, all except the lake. The planned views force the user to believe and form an image of the landscape around the structure, therefore at the end, the reveal of the lake comes of as a surprise. The design mimics the site conditions. The arrival is marked with the tall, black basalt dam wall. Similarly the first interaction with the structure are the black basalt columns, which are seen from the approach. The first space has a small scale water body which corresponds to the smaller Tungarli lake while the last structure has a larger scale water body corresponding to lake Valvan. The land undulations are seen in the plinth modulations and the users are made to interact with the trees on site.

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