Maniar Prakrut Darshakbhai


Arihaa The sun directional

The purpose here is to keep the inner space warm due to extreme cold weather and dry climate with desert in its surrounding. The space is to be designed such as its passively gaining the heat. The design consists of a bipolarity in its form, as one going with the curve of the sunpath and the other going mirror to the same. The design has a vertical partition as the part facing the south-west being the residence and the one facing the south-east the workspace. Thus making the morning activities in the workspace and the evening activities of the house faceing south-west.

Report Content

The strategies of the different climates that we learned in the start of the semester.

The boathouse retrofit that is to be done according to the climate of Leh

The cold climate case study of BedZed in UK.

The case study of the BedZed in the UK in accordance with the climate of each student.

The physical and digital model of the design.

Upper level plan of the design in accordance to the contour and the surroundings.

The lower level plan of the design with earth bumming on the northern part.

The underground level plans.

The sections through the required places.