Faculty: Ravi Kashyap | Hiten Chavda

TA: Aesha Shah

Climate Responsive Architecture

Our investigation in this studio was to create the form of a building that will respond to the climate in the best way to achieve comfort in the building. The studio began with a site visit that enabled students to absorb the new climatic conditions and corelate with the theoretical understanding for different seasons. There is a lot to learn from the Vernacular architecture of a place, that embeds thousands of years of knowledge refined with time. It is even more fun to reinterpret the learnings from vernacular, to generate newer climate responsive forms, with latest materials and technologies. Feedback in terms of hands-on method of simulation as well as Early Design simulation of the design were key features of the Studio. The module empowered students with refined understanding about the built fabric in terms of performance and made them conscious of a performanceoriented building design approach.