Aditya Pandita


House Of Courts And Levels

The project brief was to design a climate responsive residence + office for a couple staying in Udaipur. The residence revolves around the concepts of the vernacular typologies and the strategies locally used. The use of multiple levels inside the building blurring the line of what is the ground level and what is the plinth was done. Also, the use of multiple  courtyards and shallow water bodies along with the use of Earth Berming and a wind catcher allows the building to use nature for its advantage and not rely much on forced cooling strategies. 

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Report Content

Climatic study of Udaipur

International case study with focus on climate responsive strategies

Retrofitting a building from one climate to another and using appropriate strategies for the retrofitted climate

Site visit to Udaipur

Exploded Isometric illustration showing the three floors

Sectional Perspective with the sun striking at 8AM

First Floor Plan at 1:100

Ground Floor Plan at 1:100

Basement Plan at 1:100