Meghana Reddy Male



The project aims to design a residence and office for a family of three people: an architect, a perfumist and a 15 yr old who is a Kathakali dancer. The site is situated near the shore of Kovallam beach at Thiruvananthapuram. The Residence includes a living room, four bedrooms, a gym and a kitchen. The office includes exhibition space, an architect’s office and perfumer’s lab.
Double roof has been used as the main strategy where the exterior roof acts as a wind catcher which catches the sea breeze and land breeze. It is also developed to protect the spaces from rain and sunlight.  

Report Content

Case study


Climate analysis of Trivandrum

Case studies from Trivandrum- Padmanabhapuram Palace, Indian Coffee house, The Hamlet

Flue in flue stack vent and wind catcher

Plan at 9.85M

Plan at 13.3M

Section AA'

Section BB' and Roof Plan

3D Views and Renders