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Radhika Maitra


Hearth - An Architect’s Studio & Residence, Leh

Harshness is a feature common to Leh’s rugged landscape and cold-dry climate, and its vernacular architecture shows how residents have come to deal with it. The climatic conditions that one has to tackle in such a cold desert-like climate are: - Extreme cold during winters, - Cold NE winds, - Ventilation and prevention of glare during August.  

This project aims to create a comfortable residence and workspace for an Architect and a Baker using Bioclimatic techniques and passive heating strategies. The following main strategies are used: 1. The bakery's chimney 2. Sunspaces 3. Trombe walls 4. Buffer spaces  

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Report Content

Case Study: Zollverein School of Management & Design

Retrofitting: From Perth to Leh

Understanding Leh's climate through data and case studies

Passive Strategy Model: Finding out scientifically if thermal mass truly works

Program: Defining the clients and understanding anthropometry

Process: Tweaking the design according to Leh's climate

Final Design: Ground floor plan and Design strategies

Plans: Basement Plan and First Floor Plan

Section AA'

Axonometric Wall Section