Kumbhar Priyanka Pandurang


Reinstating Lake Ecosystem

Wetland ecosystems are among the most threatened ecosystems worldwide and their restoration focuses on various objectives, including habitat and species enhancement, water-quality improvement, and environmental protection. Wetlands, both natural and man-made, are often very important ecosystems in a landscape owing to the ecosystem services they provide. Pashan Lake is an artificial lake near the suburb of Pashan, around 12 km from the center of city, Pune, India. Lake has been created by erecting a dam on ‘Ram River’. The lake is an important ecosystem of Pune as it has good biodiversity even today. The catchment area of the lake is 40 sq. km. The lake is surrounded by residential areas, industry, and defence institutions. It is home to a variety of migratory and residential birds. Various birds like gray heron, purple moorhen, Bonnelli’s Eagle, Drongo, and red-wattle lapwing can be spotted. Lake has deteriorated over time as a result of numerous problems caused by urbanization over the last few decades. It is also reflected in the loss of scrub vegetation surrounding the lake, which has harmed lake habitats. The development has changed the lake’s natural edge condition, resulting in the destruction of the littoral zone and its habitat, which is one of the main reasons for the declining bird species. The project’s vision is to re-establish the littoral zone and its vegetation by improving and increasing the edge and promoting it as a migratory bird hotspot.

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Site introduction | Regional study

Understanding the site issues

Site documentation and analysis

Comprehending edge condition and habitat change

Avifauna habitat study | Activity mapping

Ideation | Vision | program

Conceptual exploration

Master plan | Seasonal variation

Comparative analysis | Zoom in area

Detail edge condition | Conclusion